Armagnac Delord – Blanche d’Armagnac
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Armagnac Delord - Blanche d'Armagnac

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Delord Blanche is an unaged Armagnac double distilled from 100% Colombard grapes. It can be consumed in a variety of ways:

  • Pure, at room temperature, chilled or with an ice cube, just so you can appreciate the true beautiful flavors and roundness
  • With caviar, smoked fish and numerous desserts such as lemon tart, key lime pie, tarte tatin and lemon sabayon,
  • In a variety of cocktails: it marries well with citrus flavors, red berries, kiwi, and chocolate. Use Delord Blanche as a replacement for vodka in any cocktail to add a depth of flavor. 

Bright and fresh on the nose, with allusions to quince, pearl skin, nectarine, white flower, and grapefruit marmalade. Soft and almost juicy on the palate, with tropical melon and pear opening up over a deep mineral base and touches of almond skin

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Country France
Sub-Category: Armagnac
Market BC
Producer: Delord
SKU BC: 410738
Case format: 6 bottles
Volume: 700ml
Accolades: Gold Medal France

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