Cava Juve Y Camps


The smallest among the biggest (or vice versa)!

Worldwide leader of Gran Reserva Cava production, Juvé & Camps is a family-owned winery located in San Sadurní d’Anoia, a small town in the northeastern Penedès region near Barcelona. Founded in 1921 by Joan Juvé Baqués and his wife Teresa Camps Farré, the winery’s three-generation history has resulted in an international reputation for producing top-quality Cava.

Juvé & Camps owns over 450 hectares in Penedès, 271 ha of which are planted to vines. Their vineyards are situated in three locations:

    • Propietat d’Espiells is the largest of the estates, with 200 hectares of vineyards in what is recognized as the best winemaking zone in the Alt Penedès, on the slopes of Montserrat, a mountain that emerged from the sea millions of years ago and presides over the country, protecting it from the cold north winds. Old vines, full of history -Espiells is the name of a small Romanesque chapel dating back to the 9th century- planted in well-drained clay and limestone soil at an altitude of between 180 and 245 metres. In this estate is located the emblematic vineyard of La Capella, where Cava de Paraje Calificado comes from. Perfect land for growing the traditional macabeu and xarel·lo varieties, and to which the chardonnay and pinot noir have adapted perfectly.
    • Mediona: A series of vineyards, the latest to be acquired by the family. Their location on the steep mountainside at 500 to 750 metres above sea level gives a continental touch to the Mediterranean climate. There is a big difference between the daytime and nighttime temperatures, which is essential for quality winemaking. The different vineyards are called Can Massana, Alzinetes, El Prat, Mas Pagès and Can Soler, where the vines, some very old, planted in rocky soil, yield the local parellada variety of grapes with notable refinement and balance.
    • La Cuscona: 17 hectares of flat land to the south of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Its deep limestone soil enriches the estates as a whole with their diverse microclimates. Artisan growing and limited production to produce Macabeu grapes of extraordinary quality, great aromatic richness, nuanced and balanced in structure. The grapes from this estate are essential for making premium cava.

Since 2015, all the vineyards have been certified organic, and in 2022 the company was recognized by the DO Cava as an ‘elaborador integral’, a new category that identifies producers who press and ferment 100% of their wines in their own facilities.

Juvé & Camps wines are regularly served at state banquets given by Spain’s Royal Family and are offered to visitors and guests by the National Government, the Senate and Congress.

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