Larusée Pastis Artisanal

Larusée Pastis Artisanal

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Fenin, small village nestled in Val-de-Ruz, less than 10 kilometers from the city of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, houses the traditional distillery Larusée. It was founded in 2012 by two friends: master distiller Jean-Pierre Candaux and Nicolas Nyfeler. Jean-Pierre told Nicolas the story of Léon Duvanel, his wife Danièle’s grandfather. Originally from Val-de-Travers, Léon had always dreamed of distilling absinthe, but since his wife was downright against such an enterprise, he abandoned his dream, storing his recipe books and research papers in an old trunk in the loft. Léon had since passed on, but before he died he had talked to Jean-Pierre about his passion for absinthe with such enthusiasm that the latter picked up his desire to make it.

45% alc. - The history of pastis is very closely linked to that of absinthe, because the prohibition of absinthe led to the creation of this marvelous aniseed beverage, which is so symbolic of sunlit aperitifs. Made from about thirty aromatic plants and herbs, the blend is placed in 120-litre “chauffe” chambers in a copper still designed by Larusée. After an overnight soaking, The distillation process is carried out. The pastis is then left to soak for an extra two weeks in a blend of essential oils (from Southern France) and dry berries. No additive.

Delicate nose of cinnamon, anise, cloves and grapefruit with very pleasant perfumes followed by spiciness adding layers and complexity. The palate continues where the nose leaves off, it is fruity and spicy with anise, herbs and licorice. Persistent with flavors flowing through. Good contrast supporting complexity once again. Very exciting with a lot to offer, showing personality and delivering excitement and enjoyment as well. Very well-crafted, just perfect for finishing off a meal!

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Country Switzerland
Market AB
Product Category: Liquor
Producer: Larusée
SKU Alberta: 831703
Case format: 6 bottles
Volume: 700ml

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