Michel Couvreur Whiskies


The late Michel Couvreur was a Belgian wine dealer who moved to Beaune in the 1950s. Following his passion, he then moved to Scotland to become more involved with the Scotch whisky production, where he became known for selecting the most ancient strains of cereals (bere barley) and using extremely rare sherry casks for aging (sourced exclusively from Toro Albala). In the 70s, Michel decided to move back to Beaune, in order to focus more on quality cooperage (Beaune was closer to Spain and easier to work out of) and that’s when he decided to mature his own casks, in his own cellar, built deeply into the side of a nearby hill. Michel would buy whisky from Scotland, barrels from Spain, and make his own expressions of single malt whisky from the heart of French wine country. These single malts, while not technically Scotch, soon became the thing of legends.

Now the new generation has taken over. The name remains and new expressions are being released. Current production is about 50,000 allocated bottles sold to private collectors and Michelin star restaurants around the world.

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