Loire Henry Marionnet



The Marionnet family has owned the Domaine de la Charmoise since 1850. The winery is nestled in the Loire Valley, more precisely in the village of Soings, 30 km south of Blois, and 25 km south from the beautiful Château de Chambord. Henry and his son Jean Sebastien craft unique wines from ungrafted varietals. They own the oldest single vineyard in France: a 180 years old pre-phyloxera Romorantin plot from which the Cuvée Provignage Vin de France is made from.
Viticulture is fully organic (no certification). Only indigenous yeasts are used, and the use of sulfite is judiciously limited, even non existant for some cuvées. All the wines are aged exclusively in stainless steel tanks. The resulting wines are pure, lively, enticing, and vibrant. 
The Marionnet family is also behind the fantastic restoration project of the Château de Chambord’s vineyards. They bring their expertise in ungrafted vineyard management, as well as winemaking: the first bottles have been released recently and can only be purchased on site.