Bugey Cerdon Renardat-Fâche

The Renardat Fache family has been growing grapes for eight generations in the tiny sub-alpine region of Bugey, tucked in the scenic foothills of the southern Jura mountains at the crossroads of Savoie, Jura, Burgundy and Rhône wine regions.  Renardat-fache’s 12.5 hectares farm is both organically and biodynamically, with multiple high-density vineyards and varied exposures on Jurassic limestone and clay soils.

Wine from Cerdon, one of Bugey’s three crus — in addition to Belley and Montagnieu — is a fruit forward sparkling rosé with a delicate sweet touch and low alcohol (8%). It is produced from Gamay with or without Poulsard, following the traditional techniques of the Méthode Ancestrale (also known as Pétillant Naturel or Pet Nat). The Méthode Ancestrale is a fermentation technique that makes it possible to obtain a sparkling wine without the adjunction of any yeast nor sugar. The fermentation process is natural, and uses only the yeasts and sugars contained in the grapes.

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