Bourgogne Crémant Picamelot


Picamelot is an iconic and historic sparkling wine house in Burgundy as they were among the first producers to release a ‘Bourgogne Mousseux’ back in the 30’s. Only vintage Crémants are crafted from the various terroirs thus captivating the essence of the region. 

Philippe Chautard, grandson of the founder, is now in charge of the production and oversees the 22 ha organically farmed property as well as thirty quality groomed partner-growers.

Picamelot, being entirely dedicated to the production of the finest Crémants, is currently working on replanting historical vineyards around the administrative capital of Burgundy, Dijon. These sites were once owned by the fame Dukes of Burgundy and totally disappeared after the phylloxera disaster. The first Cuvées should be released in 2023.

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