Beaujolais Pascal Aufranc


The calm and modesty shown by Pascal are in perfect harmony with the decor that surrounds his isolated estate. Even though he doesn’t come from generations of vignerons, he managed, in relatively short time, to establish himself as one of the top producers in Chenas. He started his estate with only 4 acres of old gamay vines in Chenas which has now be extended to 10 hectares spreading over the appellations of Chenas, Fleurie and Juliénas.

Thanks to the estate isolation, Pascal can peacefully apply his organic approach to his vines without potential interference from the neighbors. All the vineyard work is done by hand, in respect of the surrounding biodiversity. Winemaking is traditional with use of concrete vats and long maceration. Indigenous yeasts are used for the fermentations, and the juices are transported by gravity, with gentle extractions and long macerations to follow. The use of sulphites is judicious and no other inputs, or interventionist techniques are used.

The resulting wines are unique and very expressive, doted with a very deep maturity, often characterized with floral, spicy notes, and stone red fruit notes. With time, they develop pinot noir -like profiles (pinoter in French). They car easily be forgotten in the cellar for a few years. 


Pascal Aufranc is a member of TERROIRS ORIGINELS, a collective of independent winemakers from Beaujolais and the Maconnais.

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