Alsace Josmeyer


Cushioned between the rolling vineyards of Wintzenheim, near Colmar,  Domaine Josmeyer has been a pioneer in biodynamics since 2000 under the leadership of the late Jean Meyer. It is  now run by his daughters, Isabelle and Céline. The estate is spread over 90 plots including the Hengst and Brand Grands Crus. Resting peacefully in the valley of the Vosges Mountains, the region benefits from the lowest annual rainfall in France, mainly due to the rain shield from the mountains. Josmeyer grows the traditional regional varieties: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Muscat, Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, and also the rare Pinot Auxerrois, being among the few to champion it.

The wines, crafted with minimum intervention, are delicate, deep, balanced, with a dry edge allowing minerality to shine through. The ones produced from the valley on alluvial soil are soft and voluptuous. Those from the calcareous and marl soils of Hengst vineyard are rich and full-bodied. The deep granite soil of the Grand Cru Brand delivers incisive and fine structured cuvées.


Hengst Grand Cru  A mixture of limestone from the Vosges and chalky marl dating as far back as the Jurassic period. Generally speaking, this terroir tends to produce rich, full-bodied, expressive wines. They have an untamed character in their youth, reminiscent of the vineyard’s name – “stallion”. They slowly mature to astonishing aromatics and fabulous richness. .

Brand Grand Cru  This relatively well-protected hillside vineyard behind the village of Turkheim, has a south-southeast exposure. The wines are regal yet lively, fine-structured, and pure. A restrained palate of subtle complexities. The very opposite of Hengst Grand Cru. 

Herrenweg Between Wintzenheim and Turckheim, these flat vineyards are rich in clay, with sand, shingle, silt, pebbles and loess. The wines are soft and sensual.

Drachenloch (Dragon hole) This exceptional geographical site is considered to be one of the warmest in Alsace. The vineyard is composed of limestone soil, positioned in the middle of a rocky outcrop that protects it from the North and East winds.

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