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Michel-Couvreur-Trio-sepiaMichel Couvreur • Burgundy

Hand-crafted boutique whisky company that sources their whiskies from various distilleries in Scotland, then ages them in sherry casks in their Burgundian underground cellars. Yearly production is about 50,000 allocated bottles. Of Belgium origin, Burgundian wine merchant Michel Couvreur arrived in Scotland in 1964. He got involved in the Scotch business and became known for selecting the most ancient strains of cereals and using extremely rare sherry casks for aging. In the 70’s, Michel Couvreur returned to Burgundy where he continues to mature his 'Scotch' whiskies in rare Pedro Ximenez and/or Palomino casks to craft exceptional end products.

Avail. in British Columbia and Alberta

  • Michel Couvreur The Unique
  • Michel Couvreur Intragan'za
  • Michel Couvreur Overaged
  • Michel Couvreur Pale Single Single
  • Michel Couvreur Candid
  • Michel Couvreur Blossoming Auld Sherried

Pascal-Tissot-avec-Blavier-sepiaPro$hibtion • Jura

Nestled in the foothills of the rocky spur of the village of Château Châlon, the Tissot family has a long time established history of wine makers and roving distillers (Bouilleur de Cru in French). Pascal Tissot (11th generation) uses a very unique distillation method of three 1934 French Blavier stills, originally designed and built to distil lavender for the perfume industry. Local ‘Feuillettes’ size barrels, which hold 114 litres - half the size of a Burgundian wine barrel, are used to mature the new spirit for a period of three to four years in the rustic Jurassians cellars. The batches are then bottled independently cask by cask. Only 1,000 bottles of each version are produced every year.

Avail. in British Columbia and Alberta

  • Pro$hibition Vin de Paille Single Cask (90 pts - review from The Whiskey Jug)
  • Pro$hibition Vin Jaune Single Cask (91 pts - review from The Whiskey Jug)
  • Pro$hibition Macvin Single Cask (92 pts - review from The Whiskey Jug)

Christophe-Dupic-sepiaG.Rozelieures • Lorraine

Established since 1870 in the Lorraine region, the Grallet Dupic family is locally renowned for their fruit brandies and eaux de vie distillation. It was in early 2000, back from a trip from Scotland, that Christophe Dupic decided to batch the first of its kind Whisky de Lorraine using the barley crop (620 acres) the family produced. The eaux de vie distillation savoir-faire has definitely shaped the identities of their whiskies that are characterized by fruitiness, delicateness, smoothness all along with a touch of masculinity through the use of peat.

Avail. in British Columbia

  • G.Rozelieures Rare Collection
  • G.Rozelieures Fume Collection (83 pts - review from The Whiskey Jug)

thierry-guillon-sepiaGuillon •  Champagne

Founded in 1997 in the Champagne region of France, Guillon Distillery offers a range of single malt whiskies matured in various cask types selected from famous French vineyards. Guillon is the official supplier of L’Élysée (the Residence of the President of France).     Avail. in British Columbia
  • Esprit du Malt Guillon Discovery Pack (2x Maury barrel finish, 2x Banyuls barrel finish, 2x Puligny Montrachet barrel finish)
  • Esprit du Malt Guillon Banyuls barrel finish
  • Esprit du Malt Guillon Coteaux du Layon barrel finish

Jean-Donnay-with-casks-sepiaGlann Ar Mor • Brittany

It is back in 1999 that Jean and Martine Donnay decided to step in the whisky production industry. The family-owned artisan distillery is very much about celabrating the traditional way of distilling malt whisky. The two small stills are directly fired and Donnay uses worm tubs for condensing the spirit. He practises a long fermentation in wooden washbacks and the distillation is very slow. For maturation, first filled Bourbon barrels and ex-Sauternes casks are used. No chill-filtrati on and no colouring. Annual producti on is about 50,000 allocated bottles. Two whiskies are produced regularly (as well as limited cask version releases): Glann ar Mor which is an un-peated Single Malt named after the distillery, and Kornog («The West Wind» in Breton language) which is a peated Single Malt. Both are bottled at the optimal strength of 46% (apart from the limited releases bottled at natural strength).

Avail. in British Columbia and Alberta in 2016
  • Glann Ar Mor
  • Kornog
Glann Ar Mor whiskies