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Philippe-sepiaMaison Jacoulot • Romanèche-Thorins

At the doorstep of the Beaujolais wine region, in the town of Romanèche-Thorins, Maison Distillerie Jacoulot has been offering an exclusive and extensive range of Marc de Bourgogne, Fine de Bourgogne, Crèmes de Fruit and Liquors (Prunelle de Bourgogne) for nearly 125 years. Internationally recognized for its excellence and quality of its distilllates, Jacoulot is distributed through a selective network of gourmet wine shops and Michelin Starred restaurants in France and Europe.


Avail. in British Columbia and Alberta

  • Jacoulot Marc de Bourgogne (7 years old brandy)
  • Jacoulot Fine de Bourgogne (20 years old brandy)
  • Jacoulot Prunelle de Bourgogne (sloe berry liquor)